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  • Webpack - Plugin to add webpack to Serverless.
  • Scriptable - Make Serverless scriptable without writing a Plugin.
  • Build plugin - Optimizes your Node.js functions before they're deployed.
  • Write env vars - Access environment variables in Lambda functions.
  • Alexa plugin - Support Alexa Lambda events.
  • Multi responses - Allow multiple content types in response templates.
  • Run function - Plugin to run your Serverless functions locally.
  • Stage variables - Add stage variables for Serverless 1.x to ApiGateway, so you can use variables in your Lambda's.
  • DynamoDB local - Allows to run dynamodb locally for Serverless.
  • Stack outputs - Plugin that outputs all stack outputs.
  • Command line event args - Inline event.json for the invoke plugin.
  • WSGI - Helps you to deploy Python WSGI applications (Flask/Django etc.).
  • External SNS events - Let you use an already existent SNS topic as the event source.
  • CloudWatch Sumologic - Plugin which auto-subscribes a log delivery Lambda function to lambda log groups created by Serverless.
  • Browserify - Add browserify to speedup Lambdas.
  • Optimize - Optimize plugin for Serverless.
  • Include dependencies - Explicitly include packages in your node_modules folder.
  • Subscription filter - Register subscription filter for Lambda logs.
  • Snyk plugin - Plugin for securing your dependencies with Snyk.
  • CloudWatch logging subscriptions - Adds CloudWatch log subscriptions for each function in a Serverless service.
  • Crypt - Securing Serverless secrets by AWS KMS encryption.
  • Diff - Compares your local AWS CloudFormation templates against deployed ones.
  • Rollback function - Rollback a single function.
  • CloudFormation Authorizer - Define your own API Gateway Authorizers as the Serverless CloudFormation resources and apply them to HTTP endpoints.
  • Babel - Plugin to compile your JavaScript code with Babel before deployment.
  • External S3 event - Overcomes the CloudFormation limitation on attaching an event to an uncontrolled bucket.
  • Inspect - Get AWS stack info in JSON.
  • IBM OpenWhisk - Adds IBM OpenWhisk support to the Serverless Framework.
  • Google Cloud Functions - Adds Google Cloud Functions support to the Serverless Framework.
  • Azure Functions - Add Azure Functions support to the Serverless Framework.
  • Remove CF Outputs - Remove CloudFormation outputs from the CloudFormation template before deployment.
  • AWS Models - Add models to API Gateway generated for your Serverless functions.
  • SWAG - Adds enterprise support for API Gateway and Lambda.
  • Alexa - Adds Alexa as a possible event source.
  • RAML - Work with RAML documentation for Serverless v1.0 projects.
  • AWS documentation - Add documentation and models to the serverless generated API Gateway.
  • Dotnet - A Serverless plugin to run 'dotnet' commands as part of the deploy process.
  • Python requirements - Serverless plugin to bundle Python packages.
  • Subscription filter - Extend subscription filter events.
  • Step Functions - AWS Step Functions support for Serverless.
  • Python individually - Install multiple lambda functions written in Python.
  • Enable API logs - Enables Cloudwatch logging for API Gateway events.
  • Containerless - Plugin for configuring ECS deployment.
  • Swagger - Configure serverless functions from swagger definition.
  • Plugin scripts - Adds scripting capabilities to the Serverless Framework.
  • Bind deployment id - Bind the randomly generated deployment resource to your custom resources.
  • CoffeeScript - Quick and dirty plugin to compile CoffeeScript files.
  • GraphiQL - Plugin to run a local HTTP server for GraphiQL and your GraphQL handler.
  • Jest - Adds support for test-driven development using Jest.
  • Postgraphql - GraphQL endpoint for PostgreSQL using postgraphql.
  • Lambda dead letter - Configure a Lambda with a dead letter queue or topic.
  • Delete log groups - Delete all AWS log groups.
  • Dir config - EXPERIMENTAL - Plugin to load function and resource definitions from a directory.
  • AWS alerts - Easily add CloudWatch alarms to functions.
  • Crypt - Encrypt and decrypt environment variables.
  • CLJS - Enables Clojurescript as an implementation language for Lambda handlers.
  • Encode env var objects - Encode any environment variable objects.
  • Additional stacks - Support for managing multiple AWS CloudFormation stacks.
  • Prune - Deletes old versions of functions from AWS, preserving recent and aliased versions.
  • Offline scheduler - Runs scheduled functions offline while integrating with serverless-offline.
  • Simulate - Simulate AWS Lambda and API Gateway locally using Docker.
  • Alias - Alias support for Serverless 1.6+.
  • Package .env file - Plugin to copy a .env file into the Serverless deployment package.
  • CI / CD - CI / CD support for Serverless v1.x.
  • Select - Select which functions are to be deployed based on region and stage.
  • Webpack - Plugin to automatically bundle your functions individually with Webpack.
  • OpenWhisk - Add OpenWhisk support to the Serverless Framework.
  • Warmup - Keep Lambdas warm so to avoid slow cold starts.
  • ReasonML - Use ReasonML with Serverless.
  • Gulp - A thin task wrapper around Serverless.
  • .env - Plugin to fetch environment variables and write it to a .env file.
  • Common excludes - Exclude common things from your Serverless package.
  • Existing CloudWatch rule - Existing CloudWatch Rule plugin.
  • Shared vars - Share variables between your serverless.yml config and your codebase.
  • Import swagger - Import functions from swagger spec file to serverless.yml.
  • RDS trigger - Allows Lambda functions to be triggered by AWS RDS triggers.
  • SQS alarms - Wrapper to setup CloudWatch Alarms on SQS queue length.
  • SQS fifo - Plugin to handle creation of SQS fifo queue's in aws (stop-gap).
  • Wavefront rollback - Plugin for doing a Lambda rollback when Wavefront alert fires.
  • Models - Plugin for API models.
  • Userpool - Plugin for interacting with AWS userpools.
  • Hooks - Run arbitrary commands pre-deploy in Serverless.
  • GS enable API logs - Enables CoudWatch logging for API Gateway events.
  • Enable API logs - Enables CoudWatch logs for API Gateway events.
  • Git variables - Expose git variables to Serverless.
  • Dynalite - Run dynalite locally (no JVM, all JS) to simulate DynamoDB.
  • TypeScript - Zero-config TypeScript support.
  • APIG S3 - Automates the process of both configuring AWS to serve static front-end content and deploying your client-side bundle.
  • IOpipe - Automatically wrap your serverless framework functions with IOpipe.
  • API Gateway - Replaces API Gateway resources.
  • Parameters - Add parameters to the generated CloudFormation templates.
  • Pseudo parameters - Use ${AWS::AccountId} and other CloudFormation pseudo parameters in your serverless.yml values.
  • DynamoDB TTL - Configure DynamoDB TTL in serverless.yml (until CloudFormation supports this).
  • API stage - Enables stage variables and logging for AWS API Gateway.
  • API Gateway auth - Plugin supporting AWS_IAM authorizer on API Gateway method.
  • Api Gateway auth - Fork of the API Gateway auth plugin with some enhancements.
  • Export env - Export environment variables into a .env file with automatic AWS CloudFormation reference resolution.
  • Split stacks - Generates nested stacks to get around the 200 resource CloudFormation limit.
  • OpenFaaS - Provider plugin for the OpenFaaS project.
  • Package Python functions - Packaging Python Lambda functions with only the dependencies/requirements they need.
  • Swagger to Serverless - Convert swagger.yml to serverless.yml.
  • Custom domain - Custom domain support.
  • Stack config - Manage configurations for a stack across micro-services.
  • SAM - Exports an AWS SAM template for a service created with the Serverless Framework.
  • ElasticBeanstalk - Deploy applications to AWS ElasticBeanstalk.
  • VPC discovery - Serverless plugin for discovering VPC / Subnet / Security Group configuration by name.
  • KMS secrets - Allows to easily encrypt and decrypt secrets using KMS from the serverless CLI.
  • Export endpoints - Export Lambda endpoints as JSON.
  • Tracing - Enables AWS X-Ray tracing.
  • Custom domain - Add API Gateway custom domain BasePathMappings reliably.
  • Kubeless - Provider plugin for deploying functions to Kubeless.
  • Client S3 - Deploy front-end assets to S3.
  • API Gateway binary - Configure binary responses in API Gateway.
  • Domain manager - Plugin for managing custom domains with API Gateways.
  • Encrypted - Encrypts Lambda environment variables using a KMS key.
  • Localstack - Plugin for running against Atalssian Localstack.
  • Purdyrest - Use Purdyrest with the Serverless Framework.
  • S3 upload - Uploads files / folders to an AWS S3 bucket.
  • WSGI export env - WSGI export env plugin.
  • Webpack - Fork of the serverless-webpack plugin with some bugfixes and enhancements.
  • Eventuate AWS Gateway - Plugin for the Eventuate AWS Gateway.
  • API Gateway binary - Enable binary support in AWS API Gateway.
  • Graph - Outputs your Serverless architecture and resources as a Graphviz dot compatible output.
  • Lambda fanout - Quickly add a fanout Lambda with targets to a Serverless project.
  • Browserifier - Reduce the size and speed up your Node.js based Lambdas using Browserify.
  • Shell - Drop to a runtime shell with all the environment variables set that you'd have in Lambda. Offline - Emulate AWS λ and API Gateway locally when developing on Serverless projects.
  • Stack output - Store output from your AWS CloudFormation Stack in JSON/YAML/TOML files, or to pass it to a JavaScript function for further processing.
  • OpenAPI documentation - Generate OpenAPI V3 documentation from a Serverless configuration.
  • Build substitute - Build plugin to substitute files into a build (eg. AWS binaries into node_modules).
  • Sentry - Sentry integration for Serverless v1.
  • Finch - Plugin for static site deployments.
  • Env generator - Manage environment variables with YAML and turn them into a .env file on deployment.
  • Local dev server - Local development server to speed up the development of Alexa Skills, chatbots, APIs and more.
  • Log forward - Forwarding CloudWatch logs to another Lambda function.
  • S3 remover - Ensures that S3 buckets are empty before Serverless remove logic runs.
  • DynamoDB autoscaling - Configure Amazon DynamoDB native auto-scaling for your table capacities.
  • Bespoken - Creates a local server and a proxy so you don't have to deploy anytime you want to test your code for your Bespoken application.
  • S3 bucket sync - Sync local folders with an S3 bucket.
  • S3 sync - Sync local directories and S3 prefixes.
  • Nested stacks - Plugin to workaround the CloudFormation 200 resource limit.
  • Kubeless - Official provider plugin to deploy functions to Kubeless.
  • LogSubscription - Adds a CloudWatch LogSubscription for functions.
  • Patch - Patch Serverless with custom stack and API naming configuration.
  • PureSec CLI - Plugin for least privileges.
  • CF vars - Enables use of AWS pseudo functions and Fn::Sub string substitution.
  • Custom packaging - Package your source code using a custom target path inside the .zip.
  • AWS Step Functions demo - AWS Step Functions demo service.
  • Reducer - Reduce Lambda package so it hosts only Lambda dependencies.
  • Transpiler - Transpile Lambda files when packaging Lambda.
  • Log streaming - Stream logs to a handler function.
  • [email protected] - Adds [email protected] support to Serverless.
  • API Gateway - Configure the AWS API Gateway: Binary support, Headers and Body template mappings.
  • Spotinst Functions - Spotinst Functions provider plugin for the Serverless Framework.
  • Deploy environment - Exposes per-stage deployment variables and deployment environment.
  • AWS resolvers - Resolves deployed AWS services to variables from ESS, RDS, or Kinesis.
  • Offline Kinesis events - Allows offline testing of serverless functions that are triggered by Kinesis events.
  • Develop - Deploy your functions to AWS Lambda as you code, in realtime.
  • Micro - Plugin to help manage multiple microservices under one main service.
  • API Gateway <--> CloudFront - Adds CloudFront distribution in front of your API Gateway for custom domain, CDN caching and access log.
  • Localstack SNS - Listens to localstack SNS and call Lambda functions with events.
  • Offline SNS - Run an SNS server and call Lambdas with events notifications.
  • Alibaba Cloud Function Compute - Alibaba Cloud Function Compute Plugin – Add Alibaba Cloud Function Compute support to the Serverless Framework.
  • Bootstrap - Checks that the environment around your Serverless service has been set up and is up-to-date.
  • API docs - Automatically create a Lambda function which returns Swagger-UI HTML API Documentation Page based on the given swagger spec JSON file.
  • SSM fetch - Sets SSM parameters into function environment variables.
  • Secrets - Plugin to manage Secrets.
  • State manager - Super simple plugin for validating stage names before deployment.
  • StackStorm - Run StackStorm actions serverless and stackstormless.
  • SPA - Deploy your static website with webpack to AWS using the Serverless Framework.
  • AWS resource names - Enable custom AWS resource names.
  • Nested stacks - Nested stacks support.
  • Alexa skills - Manage your Alexa skills with Serverless Framework.
  • Attach Managed Policy - Automatically attach an AWS Managed IAM Policy (or Policies) to all IAM Roles created by the service.
  • DynamoDB auto scaling - Auto generate auto scaling configuration for configured DynamoDB tables.
  • VPC ENI cleanup - Automatic cleanup of VPC network interfaces on stage removal.
  • CloudFormation Change Sets - Natively deploy to CloudFormation via Change Sets, instead of directly.
  • CloudFormation cross region variables - Adds new Serverless Variables syntax to share variables across regions via CloudFormation.
  • Tracer - Trace Serverless Framework hooks as they execute.
  • IoT Local - AWS Iot lifecycle and regular topic subscription events.
  • SNS Filter - Add SNS subscription filters to events.
  • Reqvalidator - Add request validator to API Gateway methods.
  • Ephemeral - Plugin which helps bundling any stateless zipped library to AWS Lambda.
  • Step Functions Offline - Emulate step functions locally when developing your Serverless project.
  • S3 Encryption - Set or remove the encryption settings on the S3 buckets in your Serverless stack.
  • CloudFormation Parameter Setter - Set CloudFormation parameters when deploying using the Serverless Framework.
  • Content Encoding - Enable content encoding for response compression.
  • Inject Dependencies - Painlessly deploy serverless projects with only the required dependencies.
  • Provider Groups - Plugin to allow management of grouped settings within large serverless projects.
  • AppSync - Serverless plugin for AWS AppSync.
  • CloudFormation resource counter - Count the resources generated in the AWS CloudFormation stack after deployment.
  • Serverless Haskell - Deploying Haskell applications to AWS Lambda.
  • IAM roles per function - Plugin to define IAM roles per function.
  • Functions base path - Easily define a base path where your serverless functions are located.
  • Metric - Automatically create AWS::Logs::MetricFilter resources.
  • Node shim - Run your functions with Node.js version (8 LTS, 9+) on AWS Lambda.
  • Static - Serve / deploy static files that works with the serverless-offline plugin.
  • Remove forced login - Removes the forced login when using serverless run and serverless emit.
  • Go build - Build go source files (or public functions) using yml definition file.
  • CloudFormation Sub variables - Add support for AWS CloudFormation Sub intrinsic function variables.
  • Local environment - Set local environment variables.
  • Offline SSM - Read SSM parameters from a .env file instead of AWS.
  • Nocode - Deploy nocode via the Serverless Framework.
  • Canary deployments - Implement canary deployments of AWS Lambda functions.
  • Flow-based programming - Flow-based programming plugin for Serverless.
  • Go serverless - GoFormation for the Serverless Framework. Create Serverless configs with Go structs.
  • Event Gateway - Event Gateway plugin for the Serverless Framework.
  • Fn - Fn provider plugin.

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Content Management Systems

  • Tipe - Next generation serverless CMS. Create your content with powerful editing tools and access it from anywhere with a GraphQL or REST API.



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