The complete and regularly updated list of the best resources to learn Kubernetes

Starting Point

Installation / Setup



Main Resources

Release Notes

Useful Articles

Managed Kubernetes

Developer Platform

Enterprise Kubernetes Products

Public/Private Cloud


Interactive Learning Environments

MOOC Courses / Tutorials



Case Studies

Persistent Volume Providers

Developer Libraries/ Scripts




Package Managers

Monitoring Services


  • kube-monkey - Chaos Monkey for Kubernetes clusters
  • k8s-testsuite - Helm chart for network and loadtesting of a Kubernetes cluster
  • Test-Infra
  • Sonobuoy - Diagnostic tool that runs Kubernetes conformance tests
  • PowerfulSeal - kills targeted pods and machines to test your software reliability

Continuous Delivery

Serverless Implementations


Custom Schedulers

Container Support



Service mesh


Secret generation and management

Web applications

Desktop applications

Mobile applications

API/CLI adaptors

  • click - A CLI focused REPL for quickly interacting with Kubernetes objects.
  • kube-prompt - Interactive kubernetes client built using go-prompt.
  • Kube-shell - Integrated shell for working with the Kubernetes CLI
  • Kubebot
  • kubectx - switch between clusters on kubectl
  • kubens - switch between namespaces on kubectl
  • StackStorm
  • Kubefuse
  • Ksql
  • kubectld
  • Kubesh - Work around kubectl
  • Kubectl Aliases - Aliases for Kubectl
  • Vikube - Kubernetes operations from Vim, in Vim
  • kube-ps1 - Kubernetes prompt helper for bash and zsh.
  • kube-tmux - Kubernetes tmux plugin to display the current context and namespace
  • kubensx - Simpler Cluster/User/Namespace switching for Kubernetes (featuring interactive mode and wildcard/fuzzy matching).
  • stern - Multi pod and container log tailing
  • kubeplay

Application deployment orchestration



Load balancing

Big Data

Machine Learning

  • TensorFlow k8s
  • mxnet-operator - Tools for ML/MXNet on Kubernetes.
  • kubeflow - Machine Learning Toolkit for Kubernetes.
  • seldon-core - Open source framework for deploying machine learning models on Kubernetes
  • FfDL - Deep Learning Platform offering TensorFlow, Caffe, PyTorch etc. as a Service on Kubernetes

Service Discovery

Operating System



Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Ark - Utility for managing backup and restore of Kubernetes clusters.
  • kube-backup - Sync kubernetes state to git.

Raspberry Pi


Slide Presentations


Main Account

Other Useful Videos

Interesting Twitter Accounts

Amazing People

Meetup Groups

Connecting with Kubernetes


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