What is the best way to learn JavaScript?

One of the most common mistakes that people make while working with JavaScript is that they don't learn it properly. This is true especially in the case of people who already know programming, are proficient in a different language and have just started working in JavaScript.

This is expected because JavaScript is so easy that most developers think that they can just read about the JavaScript Syntax when they have a problem and they will be able to write JavaScript.

Although JavaScript is very easy, it has its own peculiarities which are very necessary to understand and learn to be an expert in it and that is why it is extremely important that any developer who wishes to be proficient in JavaScript, should learn JavaScript systematically.

Quick question: Do you write JavaScript but have never read a single book on it?

I bet the majority would answer yes to it. And that is the reason why only a few developers are great at JavaScript while most others are good enough only to get the work done in it.

So, how can you become great at JavaScript?

Move away from the hacky approach of learning JavaScript from blog tutorials and StackOverflow answers to a systematic approach of learning it from well-structured books.Once you have read the above book/s, learn what is the right way to write JavaScript through:After you have completed the above 2 steps, you will already be better than a majority of JavaScript Developers. But, if your aim is to be a JavaScript expert, following are some other resources that should be read as well:And this, my friends, is the best way to learn JavaScript!

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